Managed IT Services Provider

Every now and then, when you’re facing IT issues, you’ll need to contact a service provider to get things fixed. This is called a fee-for-service method. Innova Systems as a managed service provider gives you proactive maintenance, meaning that we identify and fix problems before they cost you downtime. We basically look after every aspect of your IT, so you can focus on your business. We’ll closely monitor your computer systems, anticipating and solving problems before they occur and giving you answers to questions when you need them.  With our flexible managed services programs, your IT and your budget planning become simpler, allowing you to focus efforts on finding new sources of profit.

Our service is specifically designed for business owners who need solid IT support but do not want or need the cost of an expensive in-house IT team. Our IT MSP provides business owners with all the services of a complete corporate IT where you can talk to a real live local person who can walk you through your IT issues. Our technicians become your team of trained, certified, trusted advisors who quickly and effectively eliminate any IT problems and introduce you to new solutions to reduce your costs, improve your efficiencies and mitigate business risk. We provide many levels of support ranging from on-call and as-needed for specific components of your infrastructure to full management and on-site support. We also provide support for maintenance, remediation, moves/adds/changes and quarterly strategic planning sessions.





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